The Member Activator System

Website Traffic

Once a lead lands on your website, they're likely to leave and keep looking unless you give them the opportunity to move to the next step. We turn traffic into leads through strategic placement of opt-ins to get more of your visitors signed up for a free (or paid) trial.

Personalized Onboarding

A proper member onboarding can be the most impactful thing you do for your retention program. This is where the Member Activator System truly shines. With expert-designed communication and support tailored to each person, you can be sure that every new person joining your club gets an extraordinary, engaging, and inspiring onboarding.

Increase sign-ups

Collecting a lead's contact info isn't enough. You need them to come in and actually start the trial. After a lead gives us their info, we begin an automated follow up sequence that gets them into the club and using their trial membership.​

Raving Fans & Referrals

Providing an amazing experience for your members practically guarantees they'll be telling everyone they know. The best quality leads, and thus, the best quality members will come from word-of-mouth. With the Member Activator System, you'll have a built-in referral generating machine. Through tracking member behavior, we can target the right members at the right time to ask for a positive online review and a referral to ensure you're not annoying your members or asking the wrong people.

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