Revolutionary Member Onboarding


Say goodbye to cookie-cutter "one size fits none" onboarding.

Most clubs have little-to-nothing when it comes to digital communication during new member onboarding. This is missing a major element of the new member experience considering the average member is only in the club for 4 hours per week. What are you doing the other 164 hours to stay top of mind?


See it in action...


People Want to Get Personal

1 %
purchase intent

78% of internet users said personally relevant content from brands increases their purchase intent.

1 %
improved feelings

87% of consumers say that personally relevant branded content positively influences how they feel about a brand.

1 %

People are 75% more likely to open emails that are personalized to their interests.


Take a Peek at Our Data

Let's look at the data from one of our onboarding sequences

This tells us how many members who start the email series finish it. Essentially, this shows us the retention rate. What this says is that only 4 out of 720 people decided to unsubscribe at some point during the 4 emails in this sequence.

Industry Average: 0.37% unsubscribe rate per email (estimated 1.48% over a 4 email series)

Member Activator: 0.56% over our 4 email series (62% lower than average)

This is across the entire welcome email series. We didn’t exclude or filter a single person out, which means, almost 75% of ALL members who joined the club are reading the emails!​

Industry Average: 20% open rate

Member Activator: 75% open rate (+375% above average)

This shows us what percentage of all emails sent (not just opened) get clicks on links within the email (usually, a call to action for things like signing up for consultations). In our case, we see an average 45% of all contacts clickthrough. If we look at that percentage just for the members who opened the emails, that means 62% of all opened emails were clicked-through!

Industry Average: 2.18% clickthrough-rate

Member Activator: 45% open-rate (2,064% higher than average!!!)

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