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Losing Leads and Members IsKILLINGYour Business

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Members Don't Stick

Did you know that 63% of new gym members will quit exercising within the first 6 months? Not only does that mean most members aren’t getting the results they want, it also means you’re losing boatloads of revenue.

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Proper Onboarding Can Improve Retention by 70%

Research shows that increasing member retention rates by 5% increases profits by between 25% and 95%. If you don’t have systems in place to make sure each new member is supported on their fitness journey, you’re missing a massive opportunity. 

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Dan Lehr

Dan Lehr

VP of Operations, West Seattle Health Club

For years we had been struggling with a high member cancellation rate which in turn effectively stunted the club’s growth. We knew we had a member retention problem and tried several methods to reduce cancellations – all of which were either too time consuming to operate, or cumbersome for staff to execute on a constant repeatable manner.
After consulting with Joe & Mike, they devised a comprehensive member onboarding system that focused on an elaborate email campaign that was customized to each members needs and goals. I loved how Joe & Mike presented the idea as “give the members the right message at the right time”. 
After only one month of employing this strategy we saw a decrease in member cancellations by over 30%. This trend has continued every month since its inception. We are also now engaging with members on a more personal level as they respond to the emails being sent out. Time and time again the recurring comments from our members include thanking us for taking the time to reach out and provide them with customized fitness tips to help them succeed.
As a longtime fitness professional I find it incomprehensible that club’s have not taken member retention more seriously. Most clubs still don’t. By having Joe & Mike’s retention/onboarding system in play we are standing out from our competition by leaps and bounds.

West Seattle Health Club's Results

  • +215 trial sign ups
  • +102% increase in new memberships
  • $0.54 Cost Per Click (80% lower than the average CPC)
  • 9.6% Click Through Rate (203% higher than the average CTR)

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